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SBP contested four seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. See the sub-menu for 2019 for candidate details.

Pankaj Das, Guwahati 23 April 2019
Mahesh Gajendragadar, Pune 23 April 2019
Sanjay Garg, Jaipur 6 May 2019
Rabi Kant Bharti, 12 May 2019

The candidature of Rabi Kant Bharti was rejected by the Returning Officer. SBP lodged an appeal in the High Court Allahabad, and this was one of the only two appeals accepted by the High Court. We are awaiting the Court’s judgement.

Overall results:

Pankaj Das received the most votes (4,102), but our other two candidates received a small amount of support as well. This may not sound like a great result, but all big things start small. We are confident SBP’s performance will dramatically improve over time, as more people join the party and get involved.