Swatantra Bharat Party

Issues covered:

  1. Bhupinder Singh Mann and his family were threatened by anti-national forces, forcing him to recuse himself from the Committee (00:04)
  2. Yogendra Yadav has admitted to inciting farmers purely to oust Yogi – and since when is he a farmer? (01:17)
  3. In their devious political goals Yogendra Yadav and his fellow communists severely misled farmers like Rakesh Tikait re: the contents of the farm laws (05:07)
  4. The ultra-corrupt procurement mafia (APMC/FCI/PDS) encouraged fake farmer leaders like Yogendra Yadav and almost certainly funded the agitation (11:13)
  1. Why did supporting farmers not launch a counter-agitation in favour of reforms? (14:37)
  2. Why did the Supreme Court sit on the report and refuse to release it even after 3 written requests by Anil Ghanwat? (17:59)
  3. Why has Anil Ghanwat and not the other members of the Committee released the Report? (19:37)
  4. Why release the Report now, after the elections? (22:32)
  5. Why did Anil Ghanwat not release the Report earlier? (24:08)
  6. Where do we find the list of organisations that supported the farm laws? (26:42)
  7. Farmers need the full suite of agriculture and governance reforms – See the draft Discussion Paper released by the Party. (30:41)

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