About us

Swarna Bharat Party was registered in 2014 with the Election Commission of India (56/102/2013/PPS-1). On 28 March 2022 Swatantra Bharat Paksha (details below) has merged into Swarna Bharat Party and the combined party is known as Swatantra Bharat Party.

Accordingly, the registration Number of Swarna Bharat Party is now the registration number of the merged Swatantra Bharat Party. All documents of Swarna Bharat Party will carry forward, including its old website, Constitution, manifesto, PAN number, bank number. Due notifications will be made to relevant organisations regarding the name change.


President: Anil Ghanwat

Vice President: Sanjay Garg

Secretary: Pankaj Das

Treasurer: Sureshan Payaratta


ARCHIVAL (Swatantra Bharat Paksha)

Registration of the party56/19/99/J.S.III/1556/9640 dated 6 May 1999.

SBP constitution (PDF – Word)

Form 24A, 2017