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YearAnnual Report (A report on party activities + compliance documents)Audit ReportIncome Tax return by financial year (the subsequent year is the assessement year AY)Report to ECI
2021-22  Acknowledge of e-verification by I.Tax department of FY 2021-22 tax return (AY 2022-23) 
2020-21 Audit report 2020-21 (PDF) Form 24A sent to ECI with India Post proof.
2019-20No annual report due to insufficient staffAudit report 2019-20 (PDF)Acknowledgement by Income Tax Department of FY 2019-2020 tax return (AY 2020-21)Form 24A sent to ECI with India Post proof
2018-19No annual report due to insufficient staffAudit Report, 2018-19 (PDF)Acknowledgement by IncomeTax Department of FY 2018-19 tax return (AY 2019-20)Acknowledgement of Form 24A to ECI
2017-18Annual report 2017-18 – including Audit Report and income tax return (PDF – 11 MB | Word 18MB)Audit Report 2017-18 (PDF)Acknowedgement by Income Tax Department of  FY 2017-18 tax return (AY 2018-19)Form 24A to Election Commission 
2016-17Annual report 2016-17 (PDF– 10 MB | Word 25 MB) (see also this blog post) – including Audit Report, income tax return and report to ECI.Audit Report 2016-17 (PDF)Copy of the acceptance of the party’s FY 2016-17 Income tax return.This report includes the party’s returns to the Election Commission.
2015-16Annual report 2015-16 (PDF  5MB | Word – 10MB) – including Audit ReportIncluded in the Annual Report (see the column on the left)

2015-16 Income tax return

Acceptance of the FY 2015-16 return by Income Tax Department. Use this password to open the file: aalas5994h16062014

Form 24A to Election Commission 
2014-15  FY 2014-15 Income tax return