Swatantra Bharat Party

SBP is delighted to announce our first ever electoral victory – two seats in the Bhadohi district local elections.

This might seem a very minor performance compared with the big parties, but we are fighting against the greatest possible odds. We gave no one any money, no bribe, only a promise of the rule of law and of justice. Our budget was not even a thousandth of the black money budget of the big parties.

These results show that liberty is not just wishful thinking for India but that there is a real demand for change from the voter – if only the voter is shown why things are so bad under India’s corrupt and socialist dispensation.

SBP has been working in Bhadohi for over 4 years. It all started with one person: Anil Sharma, and the idea of liberty is now growing at the grassroots.

Contested 10 seats. Two wins, three 2nd positions (runner-up), one 4th position, four losses.

1) Kshetra Panchayat:

  • Rajnish Dubey won
  • Prakhar Dubey won
  • Rohit Pander was defeated by only 28 votes

2) Zila Panchayat

  • Asha Devi Kol Mirzapur got 7200 votes as the runner-up. Samajwadi party won with 9,200 votes
  • Virendra Pushpkaar secured fourth position with 2731 votes
  • Rohit Gautam got 1362 votes
  • Buddhiram Bind got 1131 votes
  • Shiv Narayan Prajapati got 860 votes

3) Gram Pradhan

  • Radhey Shyam Maurya got 386 votes as a runner-up,was defeated by only 36 votes
  • Mahesh Maurya, SBP’s District President for Bhadohi got 170 votes