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Our manifesto provides policy solutions to all problems faced by India and will address all of India’s governance issues. Almost all these reforms can be implemented within five years- one prime ministerial term – if the party receives the mandate of a majority of seats in the Lok Sabha. The complete solution will require a majority also in the Rajya Sabha and a mandate in at least two third of the States.

SBP manifesto in English:

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The Hindi translation of the manifesto is work in progress and will be continually improved



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How this manifesto was developed

In 2014, Swarna Bharat Party adopted the total reform agenda which was prepared by the Sone Ki Chidiya Federation after months of public consultation. Key inputs to this total reform agenda have included:

SBP’s manifesto is based on inputs from hundreds, if not thousands of Indians.

SBP remains committed to further improving this manifesto through community consultation. Please send your suggestions for improvement of the manifesto to info@swarnabharat.in. 


The principles in the party’s general manifesto apply both to Parliamentary and Assembly elections. However, SBP will customise the manifesto for specific elections in due course.


1. Section 10.7.10 is not relevant now. Also section is inconsistent with SBP’s approach. This will be removed. Also the statement that “In moderation, alcohol can be good for health” will be removed from section 17.8 [Source analysis].

2. Optional transitional step to full privatisation of schools: This is not SBP policy but will be included in case SBP considers it necessary to implement when it comes to power. In this optional step (which is not SBP’s preferred approach) the government schools system will fully passes on all costs, including opportunity cost of government land, to parents. At the same time the school voucher will be issued to poor parents so that they can choose the school of their choice. At this stage, the only education expense the government would have is for vouchers for the poor. Everything else will be fully covered, including a return on investment in the school infrastructure. Government schools that fail to compete in such an environment would shut down. This is consistent with the principle of competitive neutrality.

2. SBP will consider reducing the term limits for Parliaments and Assemblies from five to four years, since five years is too long, and four years is the right balance between the time needed to implement policies and increasing democratic choice and voice through elections.

3. SBP will limit the maximum duration a person can hold the powerful position of PM to the equivalent to two terms. Since there are no “terms” in a Westminster model, this would imply 8 years maximum. However, there will be no scope for appointment in any government or government paid position thereafter, to prevent a Putin-type situation from arising.

4. To add to the franking dividend section. The logic of this is that any business has, in general, three ways of raising revenue: loans (including bonds) and equity. The first two involve periodic interest payments which are a tax-deductible expense for the company. Likewise, dividends must be tax deductible and the receiver would declares the amount as income and pay tax accordingly.

5. A new section on recycling: SBP will not subsidise recycling. Recycling of resources must be done up to the point when it is economically viable to do so – which the private sector can readily identify. Recycling is quite different to the idea of elimination of toxic waste, which needs to be directly and significantly dealt with through regulation.

6. SBP will scrap the FCRA (analysis here)

7. SBP opposes foreign funding in Indian politics. (see here)

8. To insert a section on crimes against humanity and genocide (source analysis here)

9. Amendment to S18.4.1. The private sector can readily meet all water needs under a regulatory regime. This section will be improved in a future revision.

10. Section 10.2.2. To include a flavour of the following “selection of the jurors and protecting their identities (at least until the commencement of the trial) will be a challenge. Moreover, we may consider including students above 21 years of age doing post graduate studies and retirees also”. (see this).

11. Repeal of peacetime emergency powers (see this). Further, public health laws must require the court’s permission to test and isolate any specific individual [this | and this] – whether at home or in a hospital. This constitutional provision will also eliminate the kind of emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi.

12. Add Kashmir policy update and arms section in manifesto – GET THE WORDS FROM FACEBOOK

13. Review student loans policy if necessary.

14. Change the policy to review contempt of court law to repeal it

15. Repeal the legal rights of idols (details here and here). This approach is fundamentally problematic and creates rights that exceed the rights accorded to humans (citizens). We can have no problem to a temple getting registered as a legal entity but idols per se cannot have rights. The legal entity must have the relevant rights. This apparently started in British times and has continued – it is time to repeal this right of idols

16. Make clearer that we will not allow any government funding of science (funding for war purposes is different, but even that can be provided competitively to the private sector – government is not best placed even to create nuclear bombs). Government funding of science invariably leads to dangerous consequences. (cf. Terence Kealey’s extensive work)

17. Commit to modernising electrical plug and socket. Weights and measures and standards are public goods to reduce transaction costs across a nation. The current standard is both outdated and dangerous in terms of the harms caused. If someone wants to use other standards that should not be banned.