Swatantra Bharat Party

A meeting of interested persons took place on 27 December 2015 at Prarthana Hall (behind Kwality Walls, above Prarthana Icecream Parlor, Near Maruti Mandir (Karshma Chowk), Karve Road, Kothrud, Pune 38 at 12:30 pm.


12:30 pm to 1:30 pm: Tribute to Late Shri Sharad Joshi

Welcome note: Mr. Mrunal Dhole-Patil.

Introduction to the Party : Mr. Loknath Rao

Address by Sanjay Sonawani on the purpose of this event 30 minutes

  • The vacuum created in Indian Polity. Disillusionment. Where is the freedom now?
  • The need for a Liberal Political Party
  • How SBP is capable of filling up the vacuum in Indian polity.
  • Introduction of the invitees and their motivation of attendance 30 minutes
  • Shared objectives to be moderated by Sanjay and Lok

1:30 pm to 2:15 pm Lunch break 30 minutes

2:15 to 3:30 pm

  • What is Liberty? What it means to our lives?
  • What issues are affecting our liberty the most and how to fight them out
  • Corruption by adoption (of corrupt Governance)
  • Primary roles/ Second Order roles/ Third order roles

3:30 pm to 4:00 pm Tea without break

  • Familiarizing Audience with SBP agenda : The ways to achieve the goals set in the agenda.
  • Joining the Party
  • What can you do? Spreading the word

·Organization plan for entire Maharashtra and responsibilities allocation.

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (close)

· Local issues and how to address it?
o Agriculture and Rural Infrastructure
o Education
o Urban Planning and Municipal Accountability
o Environment
o Decentralization of the economy.

o Local issues to be dealt with suggested by the attendees.

Next steps : Action plan

Concluding message: Mr. Mrunal Dhole – Patil.

Thanks giving note: Mr. Dhananjay Zurange.



Web portal & app for connecting farmers and end consumers will be launched by Swarna Bharat Party.

Pune- Swarna Bharat Parties meet here started after paying tribute to late Shri. Sharad Joshi. Mr. Loknath Rao introduced party manifesto, the importance of true liberty and the need of small but effective government. He also briefed on the history of the party. He also explained how the government is meddling in the things those are not governments business at all!

Mr. Mrunal Dholepatil in his welcome note explained why there is no cohesiveness between government and common people and how the reforms proposed by the party can change whole scenario drastically by strengthening the liberty of the citizens, by minimizing size of the government.

Mr. Sanjay Sonawani spoke on the plight of the farmers, poor rural infrastructure and tyranny of APMC’s. Also he spoke on need of bringing drastic changes in education system overcrowded unplanned cities with inadequate infrastructure. He stressed on the efforts to bring decentralized development and explained because of total lack of industries in many regions, migrations of the people from such regions is happening towards already overcrowded cities thereby burdening the already collapsing infrastructures of the big cities. He suggested various alternatives to eliminate such problems. He explained how the political vacuum is created because of the casteist, greedy and corrupt politicians of present day without any ideology or concrete plan for the better tomorrow. He concluded that SBP is the only option because it has solid liberal and visionary agenda.

Every participant too discussed on above points, raised many issues from their own studies, such as, unequal water distribution, student’s plight because of colleges demanding various unnecessary certificates for admissions and scholarships. Also the environment issues were discussed vehemently with suggesting alternative suggestions those can be taken up by Party. Local issues also were discussed and plans were charted out to find solutions through action.

After discussion following decisions were made:

1) Web portal and app to be launched soon for connecting farmers and end consumers so that both are benefitted.
2) Under RTI data to be collected on the irregularities of the APMC’s and action taken on them (if any) by the State Government, so that SBP will decide further line of the action in interest of the farmers.
3) Data to be collected on the discussed local issues.
Participants included Mr. Prakash Khade, Dhananjay Zurunge, Sushil Partil, Lalit Kurhe, Ad. Chandrashekhar Bhujabal, Amol Jamble, Vaibhav Gawali (Satara), Hrushikesh Bhais-Rajput and some others. Total 18 members were present.

Mr. Zurunge delivered vote of thanks.

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