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National Press Release – to be released across India

15 August 2016 – for immediate release

The Swarna Bharat Party’s new President, Mr Sanjay Sonawani of Pune, wishes the people of India a very happy independence day. Mr Vishal Singh, former President, and now the Vice President of the Party, joins him in greeting the people of India.

Mr Sonawani said that this is a day for all Indians to review where we have reached. India became independent in 1947 but has not yet become free. We continue to rank poorly on global indicators of personal, media and economic freedom. Our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for liberty, but would have been disappointed with what today’s India. Our governance system is now one of the world’s worst. Corruption, injustice, insecurity and filth stalks us at each step. Daily life has become very difficult.

Instead of choosing liberty, our political parties have chosen the path of socialism. Not only have they placed innumerable obstacles on our liberty and violated all principles of good policy, they have institutionalised deep-rooted incentives for corruption within our governance system. As a result, the governments of India can no longer deliver even basic services, such as police and justice.

No political party in India other than Swarna Bharat Party cares for the liberty of Indians. This state of affairs can only be fixed when citizens form a strong commitment to liberty and a total overhaul of India’s governance system.

SBP is dedicated to achieving the dreams of those who fought for India’s independence. Mr Sanjay Sonwani said that he will devote his full time in the coming year to the spread of the message of liberty. He said that he is being joined by at least two other full time senior party leaders, Alok Kumar in Uttar Pradesh and Sanjay Garg in Rajasthan; apart from many other leaders committed to liberty.

Mr Sonawani noted that the party has undertaken a number of events across the length and breadth of the country in recent weeks. He said that only SBP’s policies can create a world-class governance system for India, enabling India to become a land of freedom and opportunity. Details of SBP’s policies are provided in the party’s manifesto which is available on the party’s website.


Notes for Editors

SBP is India’s only liberal party, committed to defending liberty and promoting prosperity.


Sanjay Sonawani, President (Pune), +91 9860991205              

Vishal Singh, President (Bengaluru), Vice-President, +91 9920613669

Madhusudhan K. (Hyderabad), Joint Secretary, +91 9676914719

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