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National Press Release – to be released across India [Word version]
8 October 2016 – for immediate release

The economy is not generating enough jobs. This has led to youth unrest across the country, including the recent Jat, Gujjar, Patidar, Maratha agitations. Now Muslims have joined, in Maharashtra.
SBP’s President Sanjay Sonawani said that mischievous politicians have been misleading the public. They should explain that quotas are not going to create new jobs. Only the free economy and good governance can create new jobs. But our politicians will not allow job creation. They continue with the socialist model. 

Agriculture, that supports 55% of India’s population, is on verge of the collapse because of restrictions forced upon farmers. Farmers are finding it difficult to survive and their children are no longer interested in farming. Plus there are innumerable controls over businesses. Further, the government is busy running businesses instead of governing. 

As a result of these socialist policies, India has not been able to utilize its resources and create new jobs. We must immediately abandon socialism and adopt liberal policies, said Sonawani. India needs to become a free society, a land of opportunity. 

Our education system is also in shambles. This is leading to the creation of millions of unskilled youth every year. We need to ensure world-class education according to the policies outlined in SBP’s manifesto.
Instead of addressing India’s underlying problems, political parties like BJP and Congress are stoking the unrest and supporting quotas, thus making things worse. Quotas merely redistribute an ever shrinking pie. We need to grow the pie. 

Unless our education system is radically overhauled and there is freedom to do business, the number of jobless youth will continue to grow, with explosive repercussions.
Sanjay Sonawani said that the agitations throughout the country are telling us that socialism has comprehensively failed. The social stability of our nation is at stake. It is high time to address the severe misgovernance which plagues India. 

SBP will not join the socialist parties in dividing India. We are the sole voice of sanity – and offer the only solutions that can save India. SBP calls upon the youth to see through the motivations of the socialist parties. We invite them to join the Movement for Good Governance being led by SBP. 

Only the total overhaul of our governance system and policies can save India. Else the situation is becoming critical.


Notes for Editors
SBP is India’s only liberal party, committed to defending liberty and promoting prosperity. 

Sanjay Sonawani (Pune), National President, +91 9860991205
Alok Kumar (Ghaziabad), National Vice President and President UP State Unit, +91 9999755334

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