Swatantra Bharat Party

A number of members of SBP’s national council assembled at New Delhi for three days and discussed a large number of significant issues for the growth and development of the party. Provided below is a summary of key discussions.


We need funding for a number of things, such as: renting an office; preparing professional quality content (messaging), supporting the grassroots through flyers, memes, videos, audio, press releases, cartoons; social media presence; preparation of training material; brochures and publicity materials; support for grassroots meetings and rallies; support for contesting elections; expenses for people working in the backoffice, etc.

A decent start would be to raise Rs. 8-10 lakhs per month, going up to Rs. 2 crore per month.

Options for fund raising include: crowdfunding (and email supportus@swarnbharat.in would be helpful for this purpose); professional fund raisers (e.g. each responsible local member can ask their friends); models of digital advertising collaboration & revenue sharing; membership drive.

Content requirements

These include physical documents (brochures etc.), creative presentations (memes, cartoons etc.), press releases, individual flyers for youth, farmers, women, and on topics such as poverty, unemployment, small businesses.

Contesting elections

Some of the participants outlined their plans to contest elections. [The party will announce these in due course]

Youth & Students wing

Option being currently considered: Young India Liberals; other options:

  • Azaad Yuwa Manch
  • Azad Vidyarthi Manch
  • Azaad Bhartiya Youva Manch
  • Students wing option –  Students for Liberal India

Getting visibility

  • Get involved in the Round table of the FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club)
  • Have an RTI preparation & follow up team

Priority issues:

  • Poor education
  • Unemployment
  • Law and order and justice (police, women’s safety, time-bound process in judiciary)
  • Corruption
  • Health
  • Women & children 
  • Infrastructure (water, road & electricity)
  • Defence
  • Explain how bad governance is leading to all of these problems
  • “Privatisation” for brand building

Training of party members

Clarity is needed in the mind of all activists. Training material should include power point with audio recording to be circulated through youtube, whatsapp, etc. Senior member can visit districts like Bhadohi, Malkajgiri to talk to the party cadres. We need FAQs on our website; some training can use Skype.

Stand on national issues

Our common stand: Whatever we say & do, we oppose violence of any kind. We stand with the poor, for elimination of poverty. We stand for freedom of expression and freedom to eat. E.g many SBP members don’t eat beef but fight for the right of those who wish to eat, to do so. We strive for equality of opportunity. Without achieving that first, it is not worthwhile talking about issues like reservations.

Bhadohi team issues

An extensive discussion was undertaken on a wide range of issues (including policies/ strategies) in relation to the Bhadohi team. 

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