Swatantra Bharat Party

Date of issue of appeal: 14 September 2013

Amount sought: Rs. 70,000

Nature of appeal: Urgent

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Funds received to date.


As you are aware, SBP has put in place processes for registration as a political party. As part of this we received this request from the Election Commission of India. It says:

Dated 5th July 2013


I am directed to refer to your application for registration of "Swarna Bharat Party" as political party under section 29(A) of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. It may be noted that unless all requisite particulars/documents have been furnished by you, including the information against checklist to be submitted in the application in accordance with the Commission's guidelines for registration of political parties, your application for registration will not be taken up for consideration. The guidelines for registration of political parties are available at the website www.eci.nic.in and the same can be downloaded.

2. Now, you are required to publish a public notice about your association (in the proposed name) having applied for registration as a political party with the above approved name, in two national newspapers and two local news papers of the State where the headquarters of the Party is located, seeking to inform the general public that anyone having any objection to the proposed name may send their objection within one month (30 days) in a plain paper letter, addressed to the Secretary (Political Party), Election Commission of India, Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi-1 10001. The formal for the public notice to be published in newspapers is enclosed. The publication in the two local newspapers should be one in English (in English Newspaper) and the other in vernacular language and in case of national newspapers, one in Hindi (in Hindi Newspaper) and one in English (in English Newspaper), in prescribed format. The abovesaid public notice should be published on two consecutive days. This should be done immediately and cuttings from the newspapers publishing the notice (Total of 8 Newspaper cuttings) should be furnished to the Commission as early as possible and in any case within 30 days.

3.    You are also advised to refurnish checklist item No. 8 (as per specimen enclosed in affidavit form on stamp paper), 12.26.27 and 28 & 32 (In affidavit form on stamp paper)..

4.    The matter of registration of your party will he considered only after the receipt of the above mentioned particulars.

Yours faithfully,

Since SBP members were busy with Uttarakhand relief work, we sought a two month extension from ECI for this.

Over the past two weeks SBP members have been working hard on getting this delivered. The cost estimate for the advertisements is about Rs.65,000 (including miscelleneous travel, etc. for the key members)

In The Hindu rate will be

12×7=84×100.00=8400.00x2days= 16800.00(The Hindu)
12×7=84×150.00=12600.00x2days=25200.00(Rashtriya Sahara)
12×7=84×70.00=5880.00×2 days=11760.00(Rashtrawadi Times, Eng)
12×7=84×50.00=4200.00x2days=8400.00(Rashtrawadi Times, Hindi)

So this appeal is for Rs.70,000 – just for the purpose of getting the advertisements organised, and revised document/s lodged with ECI.

Bank account

We have tried very hard to open a bank account but ALL banks have refused to do so till the party is registered with the Election Commission of India. We have issued a request for PAN and as soon as the party is registered we'll open the bank account. In the meanwhile, Retd. Wing Commander KK Verma has kindly agreed to accept contributions into his bank account from which the advertisements can be paid for. 

KK Verma's account details

Name – Kamendra Kishore Verma

ICICI Account No – 000701200200


New Delhi branch, Connaught Place.

Please contribute generously, so SBP can get registered. This is India's first classical liberal party – much needed in India. The sooner it becomes active the better for India.

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Please note that names of ALL donors will be published in due course.

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