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his is a record of the resolutions made by the National Executive of the Swarna Bharat Party

Resolution 4/2017 dated 18 April 2017

The National Executive of SBP resolves that:

1) Article 11.6 of the party’s Constitution be amended to extend the date of expiry of the concessional Lifetime Membership Fee of Rs.100 to 31 December 2017 – with retrospective effect from 1 January 2017.

2) [Name withheld] was unable – due to unavoidable personal circumstances – to take party membership upon his being appointed as Treasurer of the Party on 8 December 2015. Accordingly his appointment as Treasurer is deemed to have been null and void, and Sureshan Payyaratta remains the party’s Treasurer from its inception, without any break.

It is also resolved that there is no need to inform the Election Commission of these resolutions at this stage, in anticipation of major reforms to the party’s Constitution in the coming months.

Resolution 3/2017 dated 10 February 2017

The newly constituted National Executive of Swarna Bharat Party hereby resolves to elect Rahul Pandit as President of the party.

Resolution 2/2017 dated 2 February 2017

Based on a review of the nominations received by 31 January 2017 for election to the new NE, and in the interest of having adequate number of NE members to represent grassroots members, the NE resolves to exempt the candidates Alok Kumar and Suresh Chauhan – who have completed many months as members of the party and enrolled a good number of members on the ground – from strictly meeting the six month requirement as at 20 January 2017. Their nominations are hereby declared valid.

Resolution 1/2017 dated 20 January 2017

In furtherance of Resolution No. 8/2016 dated 2 November 2016, the National Executive of SBP hereby resolves:

1. The term of the current NE is extended to 31 March 2017 to allow the required internal party elections to be undertaken more systematically.

2. Candidates for these forthcoming internal elections must meet the following requirements:
a) They must have been a member of SBP for a minimum of six months;
b) They must declare in writing to never publicly propose any policy in the public that is contrary to the SBP manifesto. They retain the right to raise their proposal/s within the NE and have the NE consider an appropriate revision to the manifesto. Should they raise policies in the public that are contrary to the manifesto, the disciplinary committee shall inquire and report.

3. The NE shall call for self-nominations (through email) from SBP members registered for more than 6 months in regions with 10 or more registered SBP members. Based on this, the NE shall determine the number of seats allocated to the region/state. If the number of candidates who have nominated themselves is greater than the number of seats allocated to the region/state, then an election shall be held at the local level under the overall oversight of the contesting NE members. The NE members shall organise an independent Presiding Officer (such as a school teacher/ principal) to supervise the election through secret ballot to be physically held on a nominated date. Such arrangements shall be finalised in consultation with the NE.

4. The new NE will become functional only if a minimum of three members are elected by 31 March 2017. If such a minimum complement cannot be elected, the current NE will continue up to the date when such a minimum complement of elected members becomes available.

5. At this stage, the Treasurer and Executive Secretary of the party are not expected to be elected. They shall automatically become member of the new NE until such point in the future when a future NE is able to attract relevant elected talent and make relevant changes.

6. Unless it becomes essential to do so, the new NE shall endeavour not to change the President and Vice-President of the party till the end of 2017, by which time it is expected that most of the Party’s constitutional processes will be able to be implemented and fresh elections held to all party office bearer posts. 

7. The President of SBP will immediately nominate (and seek the current NE’s ratification within two weeks thereafter) SBP members to the following committees that will come into effect immediately upon the NE’s ratification. Separate google groups shall be thereafter created for these Committees, which shall continue (at the discretion of the NE) even after the new NE takes effect. These committees will not directly interact with the NE and will report only through the President / nominated office bearer/s of the party.

a) a Secretariat, to include the Treasurer, the Executive Secretary, and other relevant members. The Secretariat’s job is to implement all necessary administrative actions such as managing the finances, website, membership, etc. of the party.
b) a Disciplinary Committee. This committee is intended to be replaced by internal Lokpal at a future date; 
c) Policy Committee that will consider any suggested changes to the manifesto and make recommendations to the NE;
d) Consultative group (largely comprising NE members who are unlikely to contest and will therefore not transition to membership of the new NE).

8. The NE recognises that the party’s Constitution was drafted under very different circumstances which are no longer applicable. Sanjeev Sabhlok is charged with reviewing the party’s Constitution by the end of February 2017 and making any recommendations to amend it. The NE shall thereafter consider and vote upon the recommendations and amend the Constitution in consultation with the Election Commission.

Resolution 8/2016 dated 2 November 2016

The National Executive of SBP resolves:

1) To amend Article 9a in the Constitution. The revised Article 9a will read as follows:

Article 9a: Initial structures and processes 
9.1    (a) The unelected Initial National Executive shall continue till 28 February 2017 at which stage it will be replaced by an elected Initial National Executive. All appointments to the elected Initial National Executive shall be for ten months, with a review of future arrangements implemented by 31 December 2017. The membership fee requirements applicable to NE members under the Constitution shall not apply till 31 December 2017, hence these arrangements shall remain part of initial structures and processes. 

9.2    (a) At the end of 31 December 2017 or until any other earlier period declared by the elected initial National Executive for full application of all parts of the Constitution, this Article shall be deemed to have been deleted and all internal democracy and membership fee requirements would take effect.

9.3    (a) Should unavoidable delays arise in establishing internal arrangements, the initial National Executive may, by two-thirds majority, extend this initial period, but not beyond 31 January 2020.

2) To hold elections to the National Executive through secret ballot before 15 February 2017 in all States where with more than 10 registered SBP members. These elections should be based on reasonable rules and processes to be determined by the local team in consultation with persons who have experience in the conduct of elections. The local State team must notify all active State members of the election date/s and venue/s at least 2 weeks in advance. Each State where elections are held should elect representatives to the national executive, their number to be determined on a formula linked with the number of members in the relevant State. The State units may also choose to elect their State Executive at the same election.The same member can stand for both national executive and State executive roles.

3) From 1 March 2017, only State units with a minimum of 11 active members will have office bearers. Excluding units where local elections to State Executive have been held (in which case the State Executive will decide the State office bearers), in other such states, office bearers would be determined by the initial National Executive. For other units with fewer than 11 active members, there shall only be Initial Conveners. Any Initial Convener who has operated as a State office bearer/ Convener for more than six months and has not yet built a minimum membership base of 11 active members in the State shall be automatically divested of such a role. 

Resolution 7/2016 dated 19 October 2016

In the interest of smooth and effective functioning of the party, the NE of SBP resolves that: 

a) The NE is entirely responsible at all times for the party’s manifesto and any changes to it. Any suggestion/ proposed change to SBP’s public policy positions should be debated by the NE and agreed, including through voting, where appropriate. 

b) In exceptional circumstances like discussions on mergers/joint fronts, war, riots, emergencies, amendments being made to the manifesto, the NE can issue – with a two-third majority of all NE members – a temporary directive relating to any manifesto item, e.g. embargo on any action on such a manifesto item. 

c) Each SBP member (and particularly NE member) is fully responsible in his/her personal capacity to abide by the manifesto. No statement should be made in any form or shape that is inconsistent with the party’s manifesto.

d) The NE is responsible for ensuring that statements or actions undertaken by SBP members are consistent with the manifesto, in the manner detailed below:

i) Since members are individually responsible for speaking and acting consistently with the manifesto, it is not required for NE members to seek advance agreement from the NE on any comment they wish to make in public, or any action they wish to undertake on behalf of the party. 

ii) Where an NE member chooses to seek an opinion from the NE, the other NE members can, in their individual capacity, (a) comment as to whether such proposed action is consistent with the manifesto, the principles of liberalism and the party’s publicly published positions; and on any political aspects of such proposed action, and (b) suggest improvements to the proposed action (such as regarding press releases/ memes/ specific activities on the ground). None of these suggestions or views are binding on the member who is seeking an opinion. 

iii) Should an NE member (say, A) feel that the comments/ actions taken by any SBP member (say, B) are inconsistent with the party’s manifesto, the principles of liberalism or SBP’s publicly stated positions, that member A can seek an inquiry to be caused into such alleged inconsistency. Such an inquiry, to be ordered appropriately by the NE, could lead to any relevant corrective step, including guiding/ rebuking/ disciplining or even removing member B.

Resolution 6/2016 dated 19 September 2016

Upon the resignation of Mr Vishal Singh from Swarna Bharat Party, the National Executive of the Party resolves to appointment Mr Alok Kumar Singh of Ghaziabad as Vice President of the Party. 

The party wishes to acknowledge the contributions of Mr Vishal Singh to the party’s early stages of development and trusts he will continue to support liberalism in some form or shape in the future. 

This resolution comes into effect immediately upon its being passed. The Secretary of the Party will communicate a copy of this resolution to the Election Commission of India and the Chief Electoral Officer of Haryana.

Resolution 5/2016 dated 13 August 2016

The National Executive of the Swarna Bharat Party resolves to change the following appointments of key office bearers of the party. 

1) Mr Sanjay Sonawani as President of the party in place of Mr Vishal Singh. The party thanks Mr Vishal Singh for his outstanding contributions as President over the past year.

2) Mr Vishal Singh as Vice-President of the party in place of Mr PK Sabhlok. The party thanks Mr. PK Sabhlok for his outstanding contributions as Vice-President, including helping register the party. Mr PK Sabhlok will remain as member of the initial national executive of the party.

This resolution comes into effect immediately upon its being passed. The Secretary of the Party will communicate a copy of this resolution to the Election Commission of India and the Chief Electoral Officer of Haryana.

Resolution No. 4/2016 dated 2 March 2016

The National Executive of Swarna Bharat Party, in its online meeting held from 26 February 2016 to 1 March 2016 resolves to request the Election Commission of India to appoint R Bhargav & Associates (703-A, Devika Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110019) as the auditor of the Swarna Bharat Party from the 2015-16 financial year (the party had no expense in the 2014-15 financial year). 

A copy of this resolution be provided to the Election Commission of India by the Secretary of the Party.

Resolution 3/2016 dated 15 February 2016

The National Executive of SBP has reviewed the detailed proposal for translation of the party manifesto in Hindi in Ms. Anjali Lakhera’s email of 14 February 2016 to Anil Sharma, and authorises the following:

1) Issue of the work order by Secretary SBP.
2) Payments by the Secretary to Ms Lakhera according to the proposal, with the Secretary to verify (via email) from Anil Sharma that the work has been completed to his satisfaction.

Resolution 2/2016 dated 13 February 2016

Resolved that the consent of the National Executive of Swarna Bharat Party (“SBP”) is hereby accorded to enter into an agreement with Avenues India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai for availing of payment gateway services on terms and conditions as specified in the agreement.
Further resolved that Mr Bhoopendra Singh Kanaujia, Secretary of SBP is hereby authorized to sign and execute on behalf of SBP, all agreements, undertakings and any other documents that may be necessary for availing the said services from Avenues India Pvt. Ltd. and to do all such acts that may be necessary to implement the foregoing resolution.

Resolution 1/2016 dated 12 January 2016

The National Executive of the Swarna Bharat Party resolves:

1) To appoint Mr Naozer Aga of Mumbai as a National Mentor of the party for a period of five years, effective the date of this resolution’s approval. A National Mentor is expected to guide the development of the party in all possible ways, including supporting the party externally by linking it to relevant eminent people and organisations. This appointment can be extended after review by the National Executive after five years. The National Executive retains the right to reconsider this appointment at any time.

2) To appoint Mr Sanjeev Sabhlok of Melbourne as its Overseas Coordinator for a period of five years, effective the date of this resolution’s approval. The Overseas Coordinator is expected to develop the party’s OCI membership and help develop and guide party support networks abroad. This appointment can be extended after review by the National Executive after five years. The National Executive retains the right to reconsider this appointment at any time.

The party also resolves that the Secretary place a copy of the email that reports approval of this resolution on the party’s resolution register. It is not necessary to provide a copy of this resolution to the Election Commission of India or other official organisations.

Resolution dated 8 December 2015

The National Executive of the Swarna Bharat Party resolves:

1) To extend the initial structures and processes of the party to 31 December 2016 under clause 9.3 of the party’s constitution. This is due to unavoidable delays in establishing various internal arrangements, which are planned to be put in place in the coming year.

2) To extend the date for concessional lifetime membership fee of Rs.100 (under clause 11.6 of the party’s constitution) to 31 December 2016.

3) To change the following appointments of the party’s office bearers: (a) Vishal Singh (residing in Bengaluru) as President, in place of Dipinder Sekhon; (b) [Name withheld from public record at the office-beaerer’s request] as Treasurer in place of Sureshan Payyaratta. The party thanks the founding President and Treasurer for their outstanding contributions towards the launch and registration of the party.

4) To appoint two Joint Secretaries to the party: (a) Madhusudhan Kolachina (residing in Hyderabad) and (b) Vidyut Jain (residing in Darjeeling).

5) To appoint a Spokesperson for the party: Sanjay Sonawani (residing in Pune).

6) To authorise Vishal Singh and [Name withheld from public record] as additional signatories for the purposes of operating the party’s bank account. 

The party also resolves that the Secretary place a copy of this resolution on the party’s resolution register and provide a copy of this resolution to (a) the Election Commission of India, (b) the Chief Electoral Officer of Haryana, and (c) the Branch Manager of the State Bank of India, Madhuban, Delhi 110092, along with a request to appropriately add signatories for operating the party’s bank account.

Resolution passed on 23 November 2015

Resolved that an application be made to State Bank of India, Madhuban Branch, New Delhi 110 092 for the grant of internet banking facility and online access for Bank Account no 34801447638, which is maintained at the aforementioned branch. Further Resolved that Mr Bhoopendra Singh Kannojia is hereby authorised to do all that is needful, including but not limited to presenting of all documents, for carrying out the above resolution and is further authorised to sign any and all documents required by the Bank to carry out the above resolution.