Swatantra Bharat Party

SBP needs at least Rs. 3.25 lakhs a year to run its essential tasks, including basic grassroots work (such as the 2 October 2016 launch of the national movement for reform), one national conference per year, office management of correspondence, social media management, transport and postage costs, audit of accounts, etc.

During its first year of operation (we effectively started from April-May 2016, when an online fund raising system was operationalised) SBP raised around Rs. 3.5 lakhs from tens of donors. Thanks to these donors for putting in their mite to help set up SBP.

That funding is now coming to an end. Unless funds are added quickly, SBP will find it difficult to operate even at this basic level.

To address the funding issue on a longer term basis, SBP is trying to set up a call centre in Eastern UP to help raise funds. The call centre employees will be expected to call identified persons across India, explain the party to them and seek donations. The call centre will, however, take up at least four months to pilot and roll out (the costs of setting it up will have go be borne by SBP, of course. These costs are unclear at the moment).

In the meanwhile Rs. 2 lakhs is urgently needed to tide over the next 3-4 months. This includes essential costs to run SBP's 3-day national conference in July.

Please contribute whatever you can. Even small amounts add up in the end.

Please read SBP's donation policy, here.

Then donate, here: http://swarnabharat.in/donate

Of course, you well realise that the party can't really grow with these kinds of funds. We need funds to create videos, to advertise, to prepare printed matter for distribution, to run grassroots activities, etc.

So if you can donate more, please do so.

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