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National Press Release – to be released across India

19 October 2017 – for immediate release [Word version]

Mr Rahul Pandit, Working President of Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party, today announced Mr Rabi Kant Bharti as the party’s first candidate for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Mr Bharti will contest from Bhadohi in Eastern U.P.

Mr Pandit said that India’s socialist parties – such as Congress, BJP and AAP – oppose reason and have destroyed incentives for integrity. Without the exercise of reason and freedom, India will remain a Third World nation that ranks at the bottom of the world on all human indicators. Corruption is merely a symptom of the diseased thinking of these parties. 

Even at the administrative level, these parties blindly follow the British colonial system of governance, such as the IAS. Today, India’s governance system is undoubtedly one of the worst in the world and is entirely unaccountable. India’s outdated civil services must be replaced with an accountable machine of governance. 

Only a liberal party – committed to liberty, individual rights, accountability and world-best policies – can lead India out of this morass. Mr Pandit said that 2019 will be the first time since independence that a comprehensive and detailed liberal manifesto will be offered to the people of India. SBP offers India the way forward to compete with the best nations of the world on quality of life and prosperity.

Mr Rabi Kant Bharti has been working hard over the past three years to explain the ideas of liberalism to the people of Bhadohi. He offers a completely new way of thinking and a completely new way forward for India: liberalism is the polar opposite of India’s dominant ideology, socialism. Rabi’s biodata, including his priorities for his constituents, is available at http://swarnabharat.in/Rabi_Kant_Bharti.

Mr Pandit said that every journey starts with the first step. India has now taken the first step to freedom and prosperity. He invited everyone to join in this journey by joining SBP and stepping forward to contest the 2019 elections. 

Notes for Editors
SBP is India’s only liberal party, committed to defending liberty and promoting prosperity.

Rahul Pandit (Hyderabad) National Working President, +91 9703425422
Rabi Kant Bharti (Bhadohi), candidate for the 2019 elections, +91 8576088695
Sanjeev Sabhlok (Melbourne), sabhlok@gmail.com

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