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He was born in 1935 into a family with no connection to farming. A commerce graduate from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, he served in the Indian Postal Service, and later did an eight-year stint with the United Nations in Switzerland. He chucked his job, and invested most of his savings into a 27-acre farm plot near Pune in 1977. He wanted to learn first-hand about rain-fed farming, his approach was scientific, and he kept meticulous accounts. He discovered that despite so-called state support, farming was just not remunerative. For Rs 100 of income, the farmer’s total cost, including his own labour, was around Rs 180. There was thus a net negative subsidy. [source]

Books: Down To Earth. | Visionaries of a new “Bharat”

This website contains a considerable amount of information on Sharad Joshi.

As Rajya Sabha member, he had moved a private member’s bill to get the word socialism dropped from the Preamble to the Constitution.

An early website on Angelfire.

A summary of his early work: Visionaries of a New “Bharat” – a short book about Sharad Joshi’s work 

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The National Front government of V.P. Singh which replaced Congress convened the Standing Advisory Committee on Agriculture, chaired by Sharad Joshi. Its conclusions were set out in a policy document entitled the National Agricultural Policy: Views of the Standing Advisory Committee (July 1990)

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