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UPDATE 28 MARCH 2022: Swarna Bharat Party has been renamed as  Swatantra Bharat Party. This brings together the party founded by Shri Sharad Joshi into the fold of this party, with Anil Ghanwat as President of the combined party. 


Swarna Bharat Party came into existence on 1 June 2013. On that day, and over the next few weeks, over 100 registered voters from across India lodged affidavits confirming their membership of the party. 

“Swarna” stands for Golden. It harks back to India being a Sone Ki Chidiya (a golden bird) – the wealthiest among all nations. India was the wealthiest part of the world (the idea of nation did not exist then) for most of the past 20 centuries. But Swarna is also an idea for the future – to make India the wealthiest nation, again.

The symbol of Swarna Bharat Party – lent to the party by the Freedom Team of India, is the golden bird.


India became an independent nation in 1947, but never became free. Despite its broadly liberal Constitution, India remains one of the least free countries in the world on all indicators of freedom, including freedom of speech. 

Without liberty we cannot truly become what we are capable of becoming

But here’s the issue: A nation means nothing if oppression in one form or other is allowed to continue. Feudalism, aristocracy, religious bigotry – these have destroyed human lives and human progress for thousands of years across the world. To be independent is no big deal. Without being free of oppression and man-made limitations to our freedom of expression, we are stunted as human beings; it is pointless to live a life as a pygmy when one could be a giant.

The past few centuries, particuarly from around 1650, has seen a bitter struggle against feudalism, aristocracy and religious bigotry. First the divine right of kings was booted out, then parliaments took charge of decisions, not kings (Glorious Revolution, 1688).  The church was put in its place. Tolerance was made the law of the land. Slavery was abolished. Women were liberated from a life of being treated as chattel. Access to education became a universal right. 

These were comprehensively new ideas for the world to live by. These ideas, which arose initially in an incipient form in the work of Thomas Hobbes, were elaborated by John Locke and Voltaire. Their biggest impact came when Thomas Jefferson adopted these ideas for the New World through the Declaration of Independence of the USA – with its bold clarion call for liberty. It was recognised that there are two major evils: social oppression and oppression by the government. People need to speak against their own government, and anything that they find wrong.  The USA therefore institutionalised absolute freedom of speech, throug h its First Amendment to the Constitution. 

India’s Constitution not clear enough about our liberty

India never went through the bitter (and extremely violent) struggle for freedom that the West did. We got our independence with a bit of work, but the Constitution we got on a platter. There were debates, but no war for freedom, to underpin its demands. Despite Ambedkar’s attempts, the Constitution was a terrible disappointment – it included socialist and illiberal principles in the Directive Principles; and very soon, it was figuratively shredded into pieces, with almost all aspects of liberty destroyed. Today, there is virtually no freedom of speech, and private property is not a fundamental right.

This must be reversed if India has to overcome the strong medieval and socialist tendencies that are strangling all hope for freedom – and progress. Indians need the freedom to challenge old, outdated, often poisonous ideas. That can’t be done if people are expected to “respect” such outdated ideas. There must be no expectation of “respect”. They must have the absolute freedom to speak their mind.

Swarna Bharat is India’s first liberal party

SBP is designed from scratch as a liberal party which advocates the philosophy of liberty and truth. It is not dependent on any individual, and aims to provide the sole national platform for all Indian liberals for all times to come.

India’s governance is in shambles. India’s governance failure is systemic, and comprehensive. But our major parties refuse to implement any reforms, pandering, instead, to caste and religion – and to the lowest common denominator. Claiming socialist goals. they subsidise the rich and are hands-in-glove with corrupt business. Crony capitalism is rife. The voice of the people is blocked through numerous anti-free speech laws. There is no one in the the elected assemblies of India to speak for our freedoms.

In this domain of total under-performance, China is rushing ahead in many fields and poses an increasing strategic threat to India. India needs to get its act together to become a major power. That can only happen if India is committed to human liberty and truth. India needs to launch a frontal attack against illiberal and poverty-creating ideas.

That’s why Swarna Bharat Party – to speak – and fight – for our freedoms and our future. SBP fills a deeply felt void in India’s political landscape, which is populated by corrupt, socialist parties. None of these parties can possibly provide India with corruption-free governance to deliver freedom, equality of opportunity, rule of law, and justice to every citizen. 

SBP is the only party in India that supports and defends ALL your freedoms. Join us to defend your liberty.